Physical Therapy After A Fall: It’s Not Just About Recovery

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When children fall, they jump back up and keep going. But as adults, a fall can be serious, with long-term effects. You might not jump back up, but physical therapy can help you heal, regain confidence, and prevent another fall. Here’s how Physical Therapy can be beneficial after a fall:

Reduce the pain

Pain can cause you to stiffen up, leading to even more discomfort and reduced mobility. One of the first goals of physical therapy is to reduce pain and swelling. Often this may mean hot or cold therapy, gentle slow movements, and massage. An experienced physical therapist will be able to create a personalized treatment plan to help heal bruises and relieve pain after a fall.

Restore function

Bad falls can result in fractures or other injuries. Even once those injuries heal, many people find their mobility and function have deteriorated, impacting daily living, such as standing up unassisted, climbing stairs, getting dressed, or doing errands. Physical therapy can make a significant difference – especially when begun as soon as possible after the fall.

 Increase mobility

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind after taking a tumble but often movement is the perfect remedy to decrease stiffness in the joints and muscles. Mobility exercises can help with range of motion and avoid re-injury.

Fall prevention

Seniors who fall are more likely to do so again within six months, which is why it’s important to aid in fall prevention. Your physical therapist can create a specialized plan of exercises specifically designed to reduce the chances of falling again. These may include therapies that improve balance, build strength, and enhance coordination.

Build confidence

The fear of falling again can make it difficult to resume an active lifestyle. Physical therapy provides critical support during the healing process, allowing you to work through your fear while still taking the actions to help your recovery. Improved strength and balance can boost confidence and let you return to activities you enjoy or even start you on a path to better fitness.

Optimum PT offers physical therapy in Loudoun County

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